Obama’s Spotify Playlist 2016

For a second year in a row, President Obama handpicked his favorite summer songs of 2016. There is a daytime and a nighttime playlist. Skip the daytime playlist (too bouncy, too middle of the road) and go directly to the nighttime affair.

Woah! Obama is a sexy beast! His choice of tracks for the nighttime playlist is totally cool, ranging from Esperanza Spalding’s sublime Espera to the beautiful voice of Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso singing his most fragile song, Cucurrucucu Paloma. Throw some Aaron Neville, D’Angelo, Tower Of Power and Miles Davis in between and we have a winner.

When I listen to this playlist I can’t imagine that the next president of the United States, whoever it will be, will have a comparable pair of ears.

Obama’s Playlist 2016

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